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5 Reasons to Work With a Medical Waste Disposal Company

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Medical waste is part and parcel of a health-care service.

Every year numerous amounts of medical waste is produced by health-care facilities out of which about 85% is general waste and the remaining 15% is hazardous materials that are potentially infectious, toxic, and radioactive.

To prevent the risk of dispersion of disease and infection from this waste, their safe disposal and management is a vital task that falls on medical facilities.

An excellent way of medical sharps disposal is to work with a medical waste disposal company. With their timely and reliable service, a waste disposal company allows you to manage and dispose of waste without causing interruptions to your administration and workflow.

Here are 5 reasons why you should work with a medical waste disposal company.

1. Stay in Compliance With Regulatory Laws

Safely managing and disposing of your medical waste with the help of a medical waste disposal company allows you to stay in compliance with state and federal regulatory laws. Breaching these laws otherwise makes you vulnerable to liability issues and heavy fines. Additionally, numerous agencies oversee medical waste disposal and violating their protocols can result in fines or thousands of dollars. Reputational damage can also jeopardize your current and future credibility as a trustworthy medical facility.

2. Help Protect The Environment

Medical waste can release hazardous chemicals and toxins into the environment. One of the leading causes of water pollution is runoff. When medical waste is not properly managed, rainwater can run along the substances and materials, absorbing contaminants and depositing them on the surrounding grounds, or into streams, lakes, or other waterways. This can have a huge negative impact on terrestrial and aquatic life. A medical waste disposal company ensures that your medical waste is managed and disposed of in a manner that is least impactful to the environment.

3. Protect Patients And Staff

When medical facilities have to deal with unpredictable surges in patient admission, the management of increased waste production is often a challenge. Facilities often have to resort to measures that depart from their standardized management protocol, increasing the risk of spreading nosocomial diseases on patients and staff. Medical waste disposal solutions with their prompt service can relieve facilities from having to deal with excessive medical waste.

4. Improve Operational Efficiency

Laws that regulate the disposal of medical waste are complex and constantly changing. For many facilities, navigating the training, oversight, and auditing process alone can be a time and resource consuming task. Having the support of a medical waste disposal company can make managing medical waste easier, allowing them to spare time and effort on other priorities that improve operational efficiency.

5. Protect Public Health

Medical waste can pile up in a short period of time, and in enormous quantities. When this happens, it is easy for facilities to mishandle medical waste that can cause significant risk to public health. With the prompt and reliable service of medical waste companies, handling medical waste is more manageable, and at a safer standard. Having the support of a medical sharps disposal service ensures that a facility never has to compromise on their waste management process.

Safe disposal of medical waste is a crucial and integral function of medical facilities.

Due to the capacity of the negative impacts improper medical waste management can have, it is absolutely important to carry the task out responsibly. Companies specializing in the process can offer a ton of help and support to facilities in their medical waste disposal process.

If you’re looking to hire a medical waste disposal company, Logistics Recycling INC. who’s well versed in the ins and outs of medical waste disposal. Contact us to learn more about our expertise and services.



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