2019 was a big year for LRI in terms of growth and adding capabilities to better serve our customers, like you! One of the things we have added, to our already long list of services, is Hazardous Waste Disposal. Our team is here to help you develop a safe and compliant program to dispose of your hazardous wastes. We are continuously keeping up with EPA and DOT regulations to ensure proper disposal. Here are just a few of the hazardous waste services we can provide. 

  • Lab Packs

  • Landfill

  • Waste to Energy

  • Fuels Blending

  • Stabilization

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • On-site Services

  • Waste Profiling

  • Waste Minimization

  • Solvent Recycling

  • Roll-off Work

  • Transportation of Hazardous Wastes

  • Used Oil Recycling

To learn more about our hazardous waste services, please contact us!

Haz Drums.jpg