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Best Lamp Recycler in Wisconsin

As a responsible organization, it is important that you dispose of damaged and retired lighting equipment in your establishment in ways that meet state and federal regulations. Logistics Recycling Inc. can help you manage your waste lighting equipment while you carry on with your daily business operations.

Lamps and lighting components often contain mercury, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other harmful materials. When these types of waste materials are dumped into landfills, toxic components they contain can leach into the soil and groundwater, and spread to the surrounding environment, causing harm to marine and terrestrial life, and even humans settling in the contaminated area. As a result, rules and regulations to ensure proper management of these materials has been enacted at both federal and state levels.

At Logistics Recycling Inc. We are your dependable lamp recyclers in Green Bay, Wisconsin who have remained steadfast in our commitment to prevent disposing hazardous waste in landfills. We handle the universal waste management of our customers, and we specialize in recycling of electronic wastes including lamps and lighting equipment

As the most prominent lamp recycler in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we provide pickup services in the Midwest region where we run regular routes with our fleet of straight trucks and semi-trailers. We can tailor either a periodic or on-call pickup schedule depending on your waste management needs. And whether your retired lamps and lighting equipment are small or high in volume, we don’t have any difficulty in handling either. For customers outside our pickup service area, we can arrange commercial common carrier transporters.

We treat every lamp and lighting equipment with standard protocols. We sort every component and collect all recyclable material for use in the production of new units. We issue a Certificate of Recycling for all lamps we collect from your establishment. You can use this document as a proof that your waste lamps are disposed of and recycled lawfully. 

Our facilities can recycle all types of lamps and lighting equipment including:

Fluorescent lamps
Commonly used in offices and homes to provide overhead lighting, fluorescent lamps generally come in tube-style design, but are now widely available in compact globe shapes for more versatile lighting.

Mercury Vapor Lamps
High intensity discharge (HID) lamp that uses vaporized mercury to produce blue-white light.

Metal Halide Lamps 
More advanced and efficient HID lamps commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings.

Low-pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp
Gas-discharge lamp that uses sodium to produce yellow lights commonly used for street lamps and outdoor security lighting. 

High-pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp
Similar Sodium vapor lamp but with a broader spectrum of light. Due to their orange color light, they are mostly used in commercial settings.

Incandescent lights: 
Electric light that uses a heated wire filament to produce a glowing light. Formerly the standard electric light bulbs used in many homes and business facilities.

LED Lamps
Light emitting diode (LED) lamps produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. Due to their efficiency and longevity, they have become the standard lighting device in homes and offices alike. 

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