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LRI Acquires MERI, Bolstering Regional Waste Management Capabilities

In a strategic move to further its position as a leading regional hauler and processor of universal, hazardous, and medical waste, Logistics Recycling, Inc. (LRI) has announced its acquisition of Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. (MERI),

based in Madison, WI.

This acquisition not only expands LRI's footprint across Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and the Dakotas but also amplifies the organization’s commitment to delivering superior services to medical institutions, such as hospitals, clinics, and acute care facilities.

“We’re thrilled to integrate MERI into the LRI family. This union allows us to harness our combined capabilities and extend our reach, ensuring that our clients can remain focused on their core business operations without the concern of waste management,” said LRI’s CEO, Brent DuBois.

An exciting facet of this acquisition is the collaboration with MERI's extensive clientele. “MERI has cultivated strong relationships with its customers. We're eager to serve them with the same dedication and augment their experience with LRI's expansive suite of services,” added DuBois.

LRI, COO, Bryant Sears, remarked, “MERI's talented team and top-tier equipment are invaluable assets. Welcoming them into the LRI family not only strengthens our expertise but reinforces our promise of exceptional customer service.”

For MERI’s longstanding clients, the future is bright with LRI's unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction. This acquisition represents a symbiotic blend of two powerhouses, united in their mission to elevate waste management services across the region.


About LRI: Logistics Recycling, Inc. provides comprehensive waste management solutions and recycling services. Through innovative, sustainable solutions, LRI helps customers in various industries to efficiently manage their regulated waste, helping to ensure compliance and allowing them to focus on their business, not their waste.

About MERI: Madison Environmental Resourcing Inc. was founded in 1985 by top healthcare institutions to provide medical waste disposal solutions. Serving regions like Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa, and Northern Illinois, clients adhere to regulatory compliance for waste handling. Their commitment is to ensure eco-friendly waste handling while allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on patient care.



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