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Professional Ballast Recycling Service in Green Bay WI

If you run a business or organization that occupies a commercial establishment, you must have dealt with the issue of disposing of hazardous waste such as a Fluorescent light ballast. This type of waste material that contains compounds hazardous to occupants come under strict regulations for their disposal and management process. If you’re facing difficulty disposing Fluorescent light ballasts using measures that meet environmental and safety regulations, our recycling service can help you.

At Logistic Recycling Inc., we provide recycling services to commercial and government establishments, and we specialize in handling universal waste. We operate throughout the Midwest region where we run regular pick up routes. As an eminent provider of Green Bay ballast recycling services, we can take care of all your old and damaged lighting equipment. With our partnership, you can rest assured that you will remain compliant with state and federal regulations regarding the disposal of potentially hazardous substances produced in your vicinity. We provide a Certificate of Recycling for all lamps that we process which you can use as proof for handling waste in a proper manner.

Ensure The Health And Safety of Employees With an Efficient Hazardous Waste Disposal and Recycling System

As a responsible employer, ensuring the safety and well being of your employees is at the forefront of your management priorities. Fluorescent light ballasts manufactured before 1980 contain a chemical compound called Polychlorinated Biphenyls, a highly regulated toxic material capable of posing health hazards to humans. You can prevent the risk of exposing your employees to this chemical compound by letting us safely handle any old or damaged light ballast used in your vicinity.


We follow a flexible pick up schedule and you can simply call us to request a pick up. Either our straight trucks or semi trailers will arrive at your vicinity depending on the volume of your waste on the next route in your area. If you’re located outside our pick up area, we can arrange a common carrier to pick up your waste and ship it to our warehouse.  With our fast and efficient pick up and disposal process, no pick up is too large.

Optimize Handling And Shipment Process With Specialized Storage Containers

Whether your establishment uses Fluorescent tubes or lamps, we can provide you with a variety of containers to make storing and shipping them to our facility easier. Using these containers will allow you to speed up the handling and processing of your waste ballasts and lights. This way you can reduce the time you invest on managing waste, and direct your energy and focus on other priorities. We will also provide you with all other information you need to ship the containers to make it least troublesome for you.

Looking for a Ballast Recycling  Service in Green Bay WI? Contact us Today

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