Welcome to the new Sustainability Solutions page - where we work on Making Sustainability Simple!

After lots of discussion, we determined that Total Waste Management did not accurately describe what service we are providing to our customers. When our customers come to us with a problem, we are there to help provide them with the most sustainable solution. Each solution is customized to the customers need and what goal they are trying to achieve. 


Value Services

  • Manage Waste Service & Logistics

  • Consolidated Reporting & Invoicing

  • Waste Reduction Programs

    • Waste Minimization Programs

    • Beneficial Reuse of Industrial Waste & Industrial Byproducts

    • Donation Programs

    • Zero Waste to Landfill

    • Construction & Demolition Wastes

  • Recycling & Disposal Equipment – Balers, Compactors, etc.

  • Compliance & Efficiency Audits

  • Standardized Container & Signage Programs

For more information or questions about sustainability solutions, contact us