PFAS, also known as Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are human made chemicals that include PFOA, PFOS, GenX, and many other chemicals. PFAS chemicals have been used worldwide since the 1940s in industry and consumer products. In recent years, PFAS has become a topic in the hazardous waste world, as they these chemicals don't break down easily and accumulate over time.

Materials containing PFAS:

  • Non-stick Cookware

  • Water-resistant Clothing

  • Firefighting Foam

  • Cosmetics

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Furniture

  • Fast Food Packaging

  • Photographic Processes

  • Personal Care Items

  • Floor Polish

  • Stain- Resistant Products

  • Paints

  • Pesticides & Herbicides

  • Furniture Fabrics

  • Carpets

  • Drinking Water

PFAS & Health Issues

Most people have been exposed to PFAS due to it being in a number of house hold products. Because PFAS can accumulate and stay in the human body for long periods of time, there can be health issues related to PFAS exposure. Health issues like:

  • Low-Infant Birth Weight

  • Effects on Immune System

  • Cancer (from PFOA)

  • Thyroid Hormone Disruption (from PFOS)