LRI BULBbox is our nationwide mail-back program. We send you the box, poly liner, instructions, and a prepaid return shipping label. You just have to load your lamps and send it out in the mail. Request a box here!

The LRI 4' BULBbox can fit 30 T12 or 60 T8 straight 4' fluorescent lamps. 


Set up your box. Place the pre-paid shipping label in the designated area. Seal one end of the box with clear tape. Be sure all edges, seams, flaps, and corners are properly sealed. FedEx may refuse the package if not properly sealed. Place the 
provided liner in the box. 

Carefully add fluorescent lamps into the lined box. After adding the first lamp, fill out the Universal  Waste Label with the accumulation start date.When not placing lamps in the box, the box must be closed and secured.

When your box is full or you have met your 1 year accumulation date, seal the liner with the provided zip-tie. Close and seal the box with clear tape, making sure all edges, seams,flaps, and corners are sealed properly.

When ready, contact FedEx by one of the options below to return your BULBbox Make sure to save your Tracking ID number found at the top of your shipping label.
•Call (800)-463-3339 to schedule a pick up 
•Deliver the box to your local FedEx location
•Go to to schedule a pick up